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Posted by Julie DeSilva   Dec 2, 2009 4:30:00 AM

Good writing is concise. Especially in the technology age—when messages are often read on the fly on cell phones and PDAs— brevity is key. Less is more. Some online letter-writing utilities even limit responses to a certain number of words. Replace wordy phrases with shorter and more direct expressions. Avoid redundancy. Not only will you find that your paragraphs are shorter, but you will notice that your points are clearer and your arguments are more persuasive.

Here are some wordy and redundant phrases and their concise counterparts.

at the present time; at this point in time; in this day and age now
because of the fact that; due to the fact that because
are of the opinion that believe
have the ability to can
in spite of the fact that although, despite
last but not least finally
prior to before
concerning the matter of about
the fact that that
basic essentials essentials
refer back to refer to
completely unanimous unanimous
endeavor to try

Please share any others you can think of on this Blog.

Topics: wordy phrases, business writing

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