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Word Test - Are you up to the challenge?

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Mar 30, 2010 5:00:00 AM

Let's try something different this week. Test your knowledge. Which word is correct in each sentence below? For the answers, click on the link at the end of the test.

  1. The turkey got his just desserts/deserts for eating up our supply of seeds!
  2. Don't like creamed peas with your mashed potatoes? Grin and bare/bear it just the same.
  3. All awaited the arrival of Grandmother and Grandfather with baited/bated breath.
  4. His eloquent toast to the Pilgrims struck a responsive chord/cord in his guests' minds.
  5. Standish disembarked with a full complement/compliment of settlers.
  6. Praying/Preying mantises are good for your garden, because they eat lots of aphids.
  7. Their leader wasn't fazed/phased by the uprising of ill will.
  8. Extreme weather tested the Pilgrims' medal/meddle/metal/mettle.
  9. The settlers paid rapt/rapped/wrapped attention to Squanto's directions for growing corn.
  10. After all, a friend in need is a friend in deed/indeed.
  11. The smoke in the distance peaked/peeked/piqued their interest.
  12. The Mayflower got underway/under way in 1620.
  13. Use a clean compress to stanch/staunch the flow of blood.
  14. Their faith was a matter of principal/principle.
  15. Once given free reign/rein over their own destinies, their economy flourished.
  16. You better toe/tow the line or you're back on the boat to England!
  17. The soup kitchen just off Capitol/Capital Hill has a great Thanksgiving feast for homeless people.
  18. Squanto had been taken to Europe, but was now back in his old stamping/stomping grounds.
  19. Stop! Or I'll sic/sick my attack turkey on you!
  20. William Bradford and his shipmates pored/poured over the Mayflower Compact for days before signing it.
  21. He flaunted/flouted every rule in the book and every piece of good advice.
  22. The ship floundered/foundered in the storm, and the entire crew was lost.
  23. Chief Massasoit spoke pidgin/pigeon English at best, and relied on Squanto to translate for him.
  24. Global warming will (or won't) wreck/wreak havoc on the American economy.

Click here to see the answers!

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