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Often-Confused Words

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Oct 5, 2010 4:30:00 AM

Well, the words aren't confused, but sometimes people who use them are. Our job today is to help you avoid confusing theMen QuestionMark following words, some of which we've seen even in documents processed by our editors THIS VERY DAY!

Here we go:

  • The CAPITOL situated in the CAPITAL city.
  • The STATUE had such STATURE...there was a STATUTE to protect it.
  • Members of the COUNCIL...mocked the lawyers for their COUNSEL.
  • It is my guiding overcharge my TENANTS.
  • Each business was a DISCRETE we had to be DISCREET.
  • A judge should be DISINTERESTED...but never UNINTERESTED.
  • The arrival of the EMINENT scientist...was thought to be IMMINENT.
  • I tried to AFFECT the jury's decision...the EFFECT of which was a fine.
  • They FLAUNTED the fact...that they FLOUTED the law.
  • I was asked to FORWARD...the new FOREWORD I had written.
  • One should be WARY...of driving when WEARY.
  • I took a PEEK at the mountain PEAK...which had PIQUED my curiosity.
  • Poor weather meant the GUERILLAS shot...the GORILLAS in the mist.
  • Due to the RAIN throughout her REIGN...the Queen grips her REINS.
  • After FLOUNDERING about...he FOUNDERED beneath the waves.
  • The school a woman of few PRINCIPLES.
  • The vehicle delivering STATIONERY...was STATIONARY in the rush-hour traffic.
  • The COMPLIMENTARY wine...COMPLEMENTED the fish perfectly.
  • The police could not ELICIT a confession...about his ILLICIT activities.
  • The STRAIT of far from STRAIGHT.
  • There was an ORDINANCE...against firing any ORDNANCE.
  • His company was INTOLERABLE...because he was so INTOLERANT.
  • Building SITES are splendid we CITE them in our guide.


Source: Schott's Original Miscellany, Bloomsbury, 2003.

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