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    On this page you'll find videos we've produced to:

    • answer questions we've received from clients and readers.
    • help you improve your writing skills.
    • test your knowledge.

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    What do these abbreviations really mean and when should you use them?

    Click here to watch this video. (3:13 minutes)



    Combining Adverbs and Adjectives

    Sometimes combining adverbs and adjectives can be tricky. Should you hyphenate or not? Phil Jamieson explains. 

    Click here to see the video. (1:48 minutes)



    Farther Vs. Further

    Have you ever been confused about using "farther" and "further?"  In this video, Phil Jamieson, explains what each means and when to use each word correctly. 

    Click here to see the video. (1:35 minutes)



    Could Care Less? Or Couldn't Care Less?

    People often misuse these phrases. Find out what each one means so next time you'll convey the right sentiment. 

    Click here to watch the video.  (1:39 minutes)



    Underway or Under Way?

    Do you get confused about when to use "underway" or "under way?" Well you're not alone. Watch this short video to help you decide. 

    Click here to watch. (1:18 minutes)



    Reflexive Pronouns

    Are not sure when to use reflexive pronouns? When is it OK to use "yourself" or "myself?"  Watch this video to find out. 

    Click here to watch. (3:29 minutes)



    Common Words that People Confuse

    Here are some words that people often confuse:  historical, historic, decimate, dilemma, restive, amount, number, appraise, apprise.  In this video, Phil Jamieson explains the right and wrong way to use these words.

    Click here to watch. (5:55 minutes)