ProofreadNOW and Mac McIntosh, Inc.

Mac McIntosh Inc., a.k.a. The Business-to-Business Sales Lead ExpertsTM, helps companies grow their business through proven lead-generation and marketing strategies.  "Our practice is focused on helping clients generate more high-quality sales leads, convert them into business, and then track and measure the results and return on investment," says founder and president, M.H. "Mac" McIntosh, a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of advertising, marketing, and sales experience.

The firm's clients range from small businesses to Fortune 1000 giants. Mac consults on a variety of strategies and techniques including sales lead generation, telemarketing lead generation, direct marketing, sales and marketing databases, outsourcing, and marketing planning and audits.

Mac uses ProofreadNOW to review all of his company's communications tools, from his content-rich website to downloadable PDFs, printed literature and articles, presentations, proposals to prospective clients, and contact with his existing customer base. "We run everything by ProofreadNOW before it goes out - I can't afford to make my company look foolish with typos or grammatical errors," he says.

A well-known speaker, Mac holds the Certified Business Communicator designation from the Business Marketing AssociationTM.  He also publishes the Sales Lead ReportTM newsletter and is a regular contributor to many marketing publications and association newsletters.

Mac learned about ProofreadNOW at a direct marketing industry conference several years ago. He had used other writers to proofread his documents, but they were not professional proofreaders and weren't dedicated to the task. After conducting a trial with ProofreadNOW, he was impressed by the service and has used it ever since to review documents for typos, grammar, and clarity.

"When I was redesigning my website, I sent them two articles that had been posted for months. They found errors I had never noticed," he comments.

"I think the greatest benefit of using ProofreadNOW is the confidence I have that my written communications are correct.  I really like the fact that ProofreadNOW has two editors read my documents. The turnaround time is outstanding as well. I can get documents proofed as quickly as needed - in as little as an hour if it's a rush job, or within 24 hours if I have more time. I really rely on them. In fact, I have built this step into my business process and mention the service to all my clients and seminar attendees," Mac notes.

Mac offers an anecdote about the return on investment that ProofreadNOW offers. "Once, before I started working with ProofreadNOW, I sent a proposal to a prospective client that included a budget of $10,000 for the program we were recommending. Unfortunately, that price was incorrectly summarized as $1,000 at the end of the document. Not only was this an embarrassing error - it could have cost us $9,000. That wouldn't have happened with ProofreadNOW," he says.

For more information about Mac McIntosh Inc., please visit, e-mail or call 800-944-5553.