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Pricing for Spanish Documents

All prices listed are in US dollars.


Turnaround  Time Clarity Proofreading
Per Page
Style Copyediting
Per Page
 1 hour  $35.50  $72.00
 6 hours  $31.75  $67.50
 12 hours  $27.00  $63.00

 24 to 47 hours

 $18.00  $54.50

48 hours or longer

$17.50 $53.50



    1. Page count is based on 500 words per page.
    2. The minimum charge is $31.00.
    3. Please add 25% to these prices for website editing.
    4. Please add 25% to these prices for specialty editing.
    5. Turnaround time is not guaranteed.
    6. Delayed jobs are billed at lower rates, if a lower rate is available.
    7. Click here for more information on pricing.
    8. Prices listed on our website may change without notice, but once a job has been submitted, the rates in effect at the time of submission will apply.

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