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Understanding Our Proofreading and Copy Editing Pricing


This page will help you understand how we calculate our prices and how to select the right options for your content.

To understand more about our pricing, you should know our pricing is based on several factors:

Most important, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any ProofreadNOW job does not meet your expectations, just let us know and we'll waive the charge.

Requested Service

We offer Clarity Proofreading for documents that you want to have reviewed before you publish. For documents that need some additional help, we offer our Style Copyediting service.

Turnaround Time

You may request a turnaround time from 30 minutes (for a 1-to-2 page document) to two weeks. When you submit your document, you will be presented with the range of turnaround times available to you based upon the size of your document and the service level selected. Turnaround time is not guaranteed but delayed jobs will be billed at a lower rate if a lower rate is available.

Types of Editing We Offer

Our standard editing is for documents that contain general content. General covers a great percentage of our clients’ needs but there are times when a special type of editing is required. Please see the following.

Specialty Editing (Financial, Medical, Legal, Technology)

Many of our clients work in specialty areas, such as medicine, law, finance or technology. Their documents often need the attention of editors experienced in their field. No problem!

Just pick your genre when submitting your document, and we'll route it to the right editors. There is a 25% surcharge for these specialty areas, which is shown on the submission form. We promise you will like the special touch these editors give to your text.

If we feel your document requires a specialty editor but you did not select a specialty, we'll contact you by email for your OK on assigning a specialty editor and adding the surcharge. If you decide not to use our special editors, we will be unable to stick with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. (Please refer to our pricing pages.)

Online Website (URLs)

While some of our clients choose to send us only the text of their websites to edit, many of our clients prefer to have our editors review their website online. If you want our editors to proofread your website online, please select "URL" as your format when submitting your site to us.

We typically will convert your web pages to PDF and annotate the PDF version. What you get back is a PDF replica of your website pages with our comments on the file itself. You’ll then apply our suggestions to your webpage code. There is a 25% surcharge for this service. (Please refer to our pricing pages.)

MSG Files

We will convert your MSG document to a PDF file and annotate the PDF version. What you get back is a PDF replica of your MSG document with our comments on the file itself. You’ll then apply our suggestions to your MSG file. There is a 25% surcharge for this service due to extra processing steps required. (Please refer to our pricing pages.)

Number of Pages

Our per-page rates are based on 500 words per page, except for online website proofreading. (See Online Website Pages below.) Please read below for more information on calculating the number of pages for your document.

It's easy to figure the page count for most documents (for example, MS Word, PDF or PowerPoint documents): simply divide the word count by 500 and round up. Each individual file in a job is a minimum of one page for costing purposes. Multiple documents sent in one job are not combined for word-counting purposes.

We will convert PowerPoint documents to PDF and annotate the PDF version. What you get back is a PDF replica of your PowerPoint document with our comments on the file itself. We do this because PowerPoint does not support change-tracking the way Word does.

Online Website Pages

When proofreading online websites, each URL counts as a minimum of one page, regardless of how few words are found on the page. If a URL contains more than 500 words, we will divide the word count by 500 and round up to get the page count. A URL containing 1,200 words would be counted as three pages, even if a "page turn" or new click had not been initiated. For example, our Whitepapers page (excluding the files linked to from there) would be counted as one page. 

Language Selection

Our online proofreading services are available for English (American, Canadian, and British English) and Spanish documents. We can also translate your English document into Spanish.

Please note that if you submit a document for editing that was not written by a native speaker of the language, it will require our Style Copyediting service. And please understand that because online translation these days is still no better than horrendous, we simply do not proofread machine-translated text.

Pricing Disclaimer

Prices listed on our website may change without notice, but once a job has been submitted, the rates in effect at the time of submission will apply.


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