Comparison Chart of Service Levels


Not sure which service level is right for your document?
Use this chart to help you decide.




Style Copyediting

Typographical error checking Yes Yes
Basic grammar errors Yes  Yes
Consistent use of:    
     Punctuation  Yes  Yes
     Capitalization  Yes  Yes
     Numbering  Yes  Yes
     Typeface  Yes  Yes
Spacing issues  Yes  Yes
Numbering issues  Yes  Yes
Verification of web links. In print documents, we check up to 10 web links to be sure they work. When proofing websites, we check all links found.  Yes  Yes
Editing text to conform to company/client style sheet  (Note: This does not include typesetting or layout editing services.) Yes Yes
Content editing (reworking your text to make sure that it delivers a clear and cohesive message)  No  Yes
Rewriting for improved flow and impact  No  Yes


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