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Welcome to Our Employment Page.

Our customers depend upon us to proofread and edit their business documents. Not only is our accuracy in proofreading and editing important to them but our ability to get their documents back to them on time is also a major reason they choose to send their documents to ProofreadNOW.

We don't use software to proofread documents—we use real people. Our proofreaders catch spelling and grammar errors, check punctuation, and review and rewrite content for clarity and style. Many of our proofreaders specialize in fields such as medical, legal, financial, high-tech, and more. We provide proofreading and copyediting services for English (American, British, and Canadian), Spanish, and Chinese documents and translation services for Spanish and Chinese documents.

If you can be depended upon to finish what you start and to meet deadlines, and if you have a keen eye for accurate, clearly written business communications, please check this page often to find out when we are looking for proofreaders and copy editors.

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Work Opportunities

Do You Live in the United Kingdom?

We're looking for one or two outstanding proofreaders in the United Kingdom. If you:

  • are a native English-speaking proofreader,
  • understand the nuances of American English
  • have several years of professional proofreading experience,
  • like proofreading and copyediting a variety of material, and
  • reside in the United Kingdom,

please contact us. Send your resume to 

If you do not reside in the United Kingdom, please do not reply. We will not respond to proofreaders who are outside of the UK for this opportunity.

Technical Requirements

Our model requires that you have reliable Internet connectivity and up-to-date software tools, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Professional (not the free reader).