Style Copy Editing Service


If you want your document supercharged, your message more compelling, and your readers begging for more, try our Style service.

At this level, we start by applying our straightforward Clarity service. Then we go back and turn up the heat as we rewrite sections, rearrange as needed, and look for ways to maximize the punch of what you have to say.

    • We check every sentence and paragraph for singleness of meaning and logical presentation.
    • We suggest changes and insert comments to draw your attention to unclear passages.
    • We edit your text to make the words flow and the concepts clear, leaving you with a highly polished document.
    • As always, you also get the very close attention of two experienced professionals working for you.

We recommend our Style service when you have a draft document and need some writing help. We also recommend this service when your document wasn't written by a native speaker. We accept documents for Style service in MS Word format only. This way we can turn "track changes" on so that you can see our changes easily. 

To see a sample of our Style Copyediting Service, click here.

If you're not sure which service level to choose, please refer to our Services Comparison Chart.