Clarity Proofreading Service

Our Clarity service ensures there are no spelling, grammar, punctuation, or typographical errors in your document. We root out any unclear passages and rework them to make your message clear to your readers. We also check that all headings are capitalized correctly. When proofreading websites we verify all web links to make sure they work. For other types of documents, we verify up to ten (10) web links; additional web links can be proofed at client's request.

We typically recommend our Clarity service for a document that you consider to be one step away from its final version. But before publishing, you need someone who hasn't seen the document to look it over one more time (or in our case, two times). We'll find those subtle mistakes that you and your staff just don't see. Your readers will benefit from your perfect document.

If your document is in its final stage before publishing and you're not looking for help with writing your document, our Clarity service is the one to choose.

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If you're not sure which service level to choose, please see our Services Comparison Chart .




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