What We Do Not Do

We do not process academic papers (graduate or undergraduate) or entrance essays of any kind. To do so would be highly unethical. We do not proofread novels, personal fiction, or personal book manuscripts.

We do not process documents that have been machine-translated from one language to another. If a submitted document was written by someone who is not a native speaker of the document's language, we reserve the right to charge for the job at our Style Copyediting rates. See our price list for details.

We generally do not reformat documents. We do not reformat citations and bibliography sections to match a particular style, such as AMA or APA. We look for consistency issues and mistakes, but the final citation format conformance with published styles is the responsibility of the author.

The final format is in your hands, because your computer may have different formats, your printer may have different settings, and what you see in your view may be quite different from what we see in our view. If you send us a PDF document, we comment on formatting in very broad strokes. If you send us a Word document, we may adjust rough settings, but we do not repaginate and we do not create a new TOC.

We also do not offer typesetting or layout editing services. We mark font variations when they are striking, but we do not reset fonts or stylized text to conform to your style. That is up to you.

Because of the nature of our service engine, we generally do not provide fact-checking. Personal names, telephone numbers, addresses, and non-major geographical names are not verified, as a rule. We do not check math beyond clearly obvious values.

We do not proofread work that is morally offensive. ProofreadNOW.com Management reserves the right to determine what work submitted to our server is morally offensive.