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Answers to Nov. 5, 2014 Vocabulary Test

1. nonagon: (c) a polygon of nine angles and nine sides

2. an English unit of length equal to nine inches: (a) span

3. the ninth muse of Greek mythology: (b) Urania

4. earned run average: (a) the average number of earned runs per game scored against a pitcher in baseball determined by dividing the total of earned runs scored against him by the total number of innings pitched and multiplying by nine

5. a person whose age is in the nineties: (c) nonagenarian

6. balkline: (d) one of four lines parallel to the cushions of a billiard table dividing it into nine compartments

7. novena: (a) a Roman Catholic period of prayer lasting nine consecutive days

8. a group of nine: (a) ennead

9. stanine: (d) any of the nine classes into which a set of normalized standard scores arranged according to rank in educational testing are divided

10. Yarborough: (b) a hand in bridge or whist containing no ace and no card higher than a nine


Rate Yourself:

1 to 2 correct: Bottom of the ninth and you got nothin'.
3 to 5 correct: Bummer: That means 5 to 7 INcorrect.
6 to 7 correct: At least you know why six is afraid of seven.
8 to 9 correct: Maybe nine is the new ten.
All 10 correct:
You deserve a $9 million contract!.