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Answers to August 13, 2014 Vocabulary Test


1: (c) left by its mother and reared by hand

2: (a) a depression left in the snow by a skier falling backward

3: (b) any of the digits of a number beginning with the digit farthest to the left that is not zero and ending with the last digit farthest to the right that is either not zero or that is a zero but is considered to be exact

4: (c) a stripe worn on an enlisted man's left sleeve to indicate three years of service in the army or four years in the navy

5: (c) the liquid left in a pot after cooking something

6: (d) a quick succession of drumbeats slower than a roll and alternating left- and right-hand strokes in a typical L-R-L-L, R-L-R-R pattern

7: (a) medical shorthand for "left eye"

8: (b) a morsel left at a meal

9: (d) the condition of property or other gifts left to a corporation in perpetuity especially for religious, charitable, or public purposes

10: (b) of, relating to, situated in, or characteristic of the bohemian district of Paris on the left bank of the Seine River


Rate Yourself:

1 to 2 correct: Right brain ate your left brain.
3 to 5 correct: Right brain confusion.
6 to 7 correct: Left brain has a slight edge.
8 to 9 correct: Left-brain dominant.
All 10 correct:
You're an interhemispheric genius.