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Who We Help


If you are responsible for writing, designing, or publishing information for your organization, you want to be sure that whatever content you produce represents your best work and puts your organization in the best light. The worst thing that can happen is for your clients or your boss to discover errors that distract from your message. The result could be damage to your company's reputation and to your professional reputation as well. 

We will help you build, polish, and maintain your professional reputation by making sure that any content you’re responsible for says what you want, in the tone that you need, and in the style you choose.

Our editors will make sure that your content doesn’t have any misused words and that your meaning is clear. Your documents will contain no typos and no grammatical or punctuation errors. And if you have a document that needs some writing help, we can step in and rewrite your content. We offer two levels of services to choose from:  Clarity Proofreading and Style Copyediting.

Our clients trust us to handle their documents professionally, quickly, and confidentially. Clients we work with range from small one-person businesses to Fortune 50 companies, and many of the world's largest law firms and advertising agencies.

What do these companies have in common? They have a desire to produce content that is accurate and clear, and that communicates the organization's tone and style.

We work with the following:

      • Law firms
      • Marketing firms
      • Advertising agencies
      • Publishers
      • Insurance companies
      • Healthcare providers
      • Colleges and universities
      • Financial firms and advisors

If you work in the medical, financial, legal, or technology fields, you can choose specialty editors who are versed in that discipline. They will ensure that your specialty document contains the language and style your audience is accustomed to. 

Choose ProofreadNOW for your proofreading and copyediting needs if:
  • You are a business professional who wants to work with a company that caters to business professionals.
  • You want to upload your content at your convenience and not just during regular business hours. We have editors available 24/7/365.
  • You have a document that you need back quickly. Our turnaround times start at 30 minutes!
  • You need help in a hurry and don’t want to have to sign an elaborate contract or pay a retainer fee. Creating an account with ProofreadNOW is fast and easy. No upfront fees are ever charged.
  • You want every piece of content to be reviewed twice before it comes back to you. ProofreadNOW has two editors review every document. We miss nothing this way.
  • You want someone who can work to the style guide of your choice: your own corporate style guide or other standard ones like CMS, AP, or AMA.
  • You want assurance that your privacy, your information, and your documents are secure.
  • You want to know your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Experience the quality and care that we give all our clients.