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Bridge to Better Vocabulary

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Jan 5, 2022 9:00:00 AM

golden-gate-bridge-g280194a11_640On January 5, 1933, construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge, as workers began excavating 3.25 million cubic feet of dirt for the structure’s huge anchorages. The Golden Gate Bridge officially opened on May 27, 1937, the longest bridge span in the world at the time. The first public crossing had taken place the day before, when 200,000 people walked, ran and even roller skated over the new bridge.

On January 5, 1531, Pope Clement VII sent a letter to King Henry VIII of England forbidding him to remarry under penalty of excommunication. Speaking of which, in the first record of a legal divorce in the American colonies, Anne Clarke of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was granted a divorce from her absent and adulterous husband, Denis Clarke, by the Quarter Court of Boston, Massachusetts, on this day in 1643.

Can we all just get along and bridge the gaps between us? Try hard with today’s vocabulary quiz.



How many did you get correct? 

# Correct Your Rating
All 10 master engineer
8 to 9 KH8's confidant
5 to 7 bridge painter for life
2 to 4  divorce lawyer, no doubt
1 KH8's jester
0 KH8's fool 



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