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Wash Your Hands and Take Our Quiz

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Sep 4, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Scientists in labSeems everybody’s a scientist these days…deciding when masks are required and when they’re not, when schools should open and when they should close, what kind of cough is OK in public. If you’re not sick of it all yet, you must be a world-class epidemiologist who thrives on diseaseiology (I just made that word up). Or maybe a wannabe. Or in-between. Whatever. Take our test today and see if you’re the one Dr. Birx has been looking for all these trying months.


How did you score?

Score Your Rating
1-2 You’re allowed to inhale, but you’re not allowed to exhale until you’re in the middle of an open wheat field (or in a Walmart)
3-4 You were probably at least a mediocre high-school biology student
5-6 You aren’t fooled by FB memes that say iPhones caused the virus
7-8 You undoubtedly know how to wash your hands properly
9-10 You’re paying attention out of a deep sense of curiosity
11 Go to Washington and solve all our pandemic (and other) problems



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