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An Odd Mix of Saints and Sinners

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Apr 29, 2021 7:30:00 AM

joan-arc-418573_640On this day in 1429, during the Hundred Years’ War, the 17-year-old French peasant Joan of Arc led a French force in relieving the city of Orleans, besieged by the English since October. On this day in 1862, Union troops officially took possession of New Orleans, completing the occupation that had begun four days earlier. The capture of this vital southern city was a huge blow to the Confederacy.

On this day in 1968, a year marked by much social and cultural upheaval, it was understandable that the New York Times review of Hair, a controversial musical newly arrived on Broadway, would describe the show in political terms. “You probably don’t have to be a supporter of Eugene McCarthy to love it,” wrote critic Clive Barnes.

On this day in 1974, President Richard Nixon announced to the public that he would release transcripts of 46 taped White House conversations in response to a Watergate trial subpoena issued in July 1973. And in 2004, the World War II Memorial opened in Washington, D.C., to thousands of visitors, providing overdue recognition for the 16 million U.S. men and women who served in the war.

See how well you further your just cause for the correct definitions below. Be brave, true, and noble in your task!


How did you score?

# Correct Your Rating
0 to 1 Buck naked on Broadway
2 to 4 Cannon fodder
5 to 7 A good soldier, still
8 to 9 Noble cause, noble effort 
all 10 You were never afraid; you were born to do this.


Text source: history.com; definition source: Merriam-Webster 11th Collegiate Dictionary

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