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It’s March 20. Get ready to put some spring in your step. But first some dark history.

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Mar 20, 2018 9:11:41 AM

Harriet Beecher StoweAccording to scholars at the University of Paris, the Black Death is created on this day in 1345, from what they call “a triple conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the 40th degree of Aquarius, occurring on the 20th of March 1345.″ The Black Death, also known as the Plague, swept across Europe, the Middle East and Asia during the 14th century, leaving an estimated 25 million dead in its wake. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s anti-slavery novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, was published on this day in 1852. The novel sold 300,000 copies within three months and was so widely read that when President Abraham Lincoln met Stowe in 1862, he reportedly said, “So this is the little lady who made this big war.” And on this day in 1861, President Abraham Lincoln’s sons, Willie and Tad, are diagnosed with the measles, adding to the president’s many troubles.





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All 10 Fit as a fiddle
7-9 Just allergies
4-6 Low-grade fever
2-3 Delirium and 104
0-1 Last rites


Intro text: history.com
Definitions: Merriam-Webster 11th Collegiate Dictionary


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