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The Name Game

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Oct 9, 2020 8:47:38 AM

Tom Cruise - en.wikipedia.orgCrystal Gayle - en.wikipedia.orgWe recently proofed some documents for a Hollywood writer who was putting together a book about famous singers and actors. A teaser article mentioned a John Deutschendorf Jr. One of the first thoughts of the proofreader was how did someone with a moniker like that make it past the turnstile at the talent agency. She dug deeper into the text and it turns out it’s the given name of the very famous late singer, John Denver (RIP).

Lots of people seeking fame and fortune change their birth names. After all, would you go see a movie starring Issur Herschelevitch Danielovitch? Or Tom Mapother? Probably not. But you’ve likely seen more than one movie starring Kirk Douglas or Tom Cruise. Check out the list here as we take a turn from the usual vocabulary words. If you get them all, let us know your new stage name. (Note: the more you recognize, the older you are, no doubt.)




What is your new stage name?

# Correct New Stage Name (not a real name among 'em)
  Male Female Non-binary
1 to 2 Mortimer Snerd Carmen Elektra Snooki
3 to 4 Clayton Moore Joan Crawford Flea
5 to 6 Roy Rogers Jayne  Mansfield Beck
7 to 8 John Wayne Rita Hayworth Nelly
9 to 10 Charlton Heston Vivien Leigh Sting


Source: iMDB.com. Photos: en.wikipedia.org


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