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There’s oil in them thar hulls!

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Sep 18, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Oil RigThere’s a prominent and beautiful lake house on Long Lake, Maine, that was built by “a millionaire Texas oilman” in the 1930s. Upon investigating, we learned that it wasn’t ‘Texas tea’ or ‘black gold’ the man had exploited to his good fortune. Unlike the stereotypical Texas wildcatter, roustabout and roughneck, this man made his (and his heirs’) significant fortune on cottonseed oil…you know, the stuff Crisco and Wesson oil were originally made from. So not everybody has to be Jed Clampett to strike it rich in the oil business. Let’s see if you can make a slick fortune on words today. Then see how you rate in the table below the quiz.



How did you score?

# Correct Your Rating
1 You probably figure a cotton gin is some kind of cocktail.
2 Not very slick, huh.
3 to 4 Grab a hoe. There’s work for you.
5 to 6 You can be the rig foreman.
7 to 8  You're rising to the top, as good oil does.
9 to 10 So that’s YOUR house on Long Lake!
11 Load up the family and move to Beverly….Hills, that is.


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