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Public Speaking Tips

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Mar 27, 2013 5:30:00 AM

Studies show that the fear of speaking in public ranks higher in most people's minds than the fear of dying. Today's tip combines some advice for speaking in public with a dab of encouragement to carefully proofread what you would say to your listeners. While we specialize in the advice in bullet four, we wish you well in taking all of the following points seriously as you prepare to wow your audience.

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Active Proofreading: How to Successfully Proofread Your Own Work

Posted by Conni Eversull   Nov 2, 2010 4:30:00 AM

The following is a guest post from Maria Ranier.

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Proofreading for Clichés and Content-free Buzzwords (CFBs)

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Jun 16, 2009 4:00:00 PM

As part of our online proofreading services, we proofread tons of documents every day here at ProofreadNOW. We see business documents, legal documents, magazine articles, press releases, annual reports, brochures, and ads. And these are coming from some major thought leaders in the advertising business, on behalf of some giant firms, including Coca-Cola, The Ad Council, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and others. So you know we see stuff that is top-notch.

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