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How to Tame Your Pet (Peeves)

Posted by Terri Porter   Nov 19, 2015 7:00:00 AM


Be glad you’re not my kid. At 13, he’s already had to endure years of unsolicited lessons on proper grammar, usage, syntax and vocabulary, not unlike one several months ago that started like this, when literally was his word du jour:

Him: It’s literally raining cats and dogs right now.

Me (looking out the window): By golly, you’re right! I just saw a pug, two terriers and a tabby bounce and roll on the pavement.

At least he grinned. Humor works so much better than reminding him of the difference between literally and figuratively for the 86th time, which tends to elicit the eye roll he’s come to perfect. Similarly, I’ve found giving him a certain look is worth at least, oh, 30 words:

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