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How to Beat Writer’s Block for Good

Posted by Sara Richmond   Oct 13, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Writer’s block is named for how similar it feels to trying to drive through a dump truckload of cinderblocks. On three hours of sleep. With no coffee. In a toy car. Without wheels. Flintstone style.

In other words: terrible and impossible and made into a video for everyone to laugh at.

Write for any amount of time and you’ll experience the dreaded signs.

Symptoms of Writer’s Block

  • A strong desire to toss your computer out the window
  • Repeated sighing and moaning
  • Flopping around in your chair like a dying fish
  • Distractedness
  • The impulse to run into the forest and live on acorns
  • A blank page
  • A page filled with gibberish

Some writers say it’s just an issue of ego or fear or performance anxiety. Other writers claim writer’s block is all made up. Some say they struggle with it constantly. Others have found ways to plow through. These four pieces of advice are a compassionate combination of all those viewpoints, including my own.

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