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Are You Damaging Your Professional Reputation?

Posted by Conni Eversull   May 11, 2017 7:30:00 AM

Formality in the workplace has waned, but don’t let that affect your sense of professionalism, especially when you’re writing something on a digital device. Once you type something on your computer, there is a permanent record of it. Quickly typed emails can be saved and shared. Even deleted documents and posts can be recovered. So you should be cautious of writing mistakes you’re prone to make, and avoid them before they damage your reputation.

Here’s a list of writing errors that can damage your reputation, and what you can do to avoid making them.

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Topics: business writing, formal writing, effective writing, informal writing

Are Formal Lines Becoming Blurred in Business Writing?

Posted by Kelly Creighton   Mar 9, 2017 7:30:00 AM


"Casual Fridays" and Ping Pong™ tables in the break room aren't the only relaxed things about businesses these days. Businesses have also become a lot more relaxed in their writing, and formal lines seem to be more blurred now.

Below are some examples of how formal lines in business writing have become more blurred, with pros and cons for each.

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Topics: formal writing, informal writing, casual writing

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