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Answers to Last Week's Thursday Challenge

Posted by Kimberly Largent, aka Persnickety Editor   Sep 19, 2019 7:30:00 AM

lightning-bolt-145472_640So, how'd you do?

Perhaps after reading last week’s Sheryl’s She Shed blog challenge, you’ve had the opportunity to actually see the commercial on TV. If so, would you agree there’s something suspect about Victor’s indifferent response regarding the lightning strike? There are many theories circulating social media as to Victor’s role in the burning down of Sheryl’s she-shed. Do you have a humorous take on what might have happened? If so, we’d enjoy hearing from you. Let your imagination run wild and post your ideas below in the comments section.

Wow, as you can see, we received a range of answers to this challenge.

There are 31 wrong words, and as many of you pointed out, “chichi-er” could have simply been “chichier.” Inserting the hyphen was my mistake; I put my faith in material I read on the internet concerning “chichi,” instead of looking up the word in Merriam-Webster. Lesson learned? Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it correct!

We were initially looking for 31 wrong words; however, if you guessed 31 OR 32, we accepted you as a winner, since many of you included “chichi-er,” which took the total to 32.

Here is the list the first five people who answered correctly from the challenge we assigned our readers. Congratulations!  We'll be in touch with each of you.

  • Tara Bann
  • Deborah Baron
  • Amy
  • Desmond Ballance
  • Andrea Isiminger

If you're one of the winners, please send your email address to so we can send your gift to you.

And for those of you who guessed over or under in the number of mistakes, here’s the answer key. All mistakes are highlighted in yellow.Thanks to everyone who participated!


The Day Sheryl’s She-Shed Was Struck by Lightening


Sheryl recalls vividly the events of the day her she-shed was struck by lightening. She and Victor stated their morning regime as they did everyday, by riding there stationery bikes in the living room while watching the morning news on TV. That particular morning, the picture on the TV screen was flickering, which usually indicted a storm was approaching. The flickering became quit annoying as a news peace on Warren Buffet, who was trying to affect change in the financial industry, was continually interrupted. The next story was about new HIPPA regulations soon to be unvailed. When the TV screen finally blacked out, Sheryl nervously eyed her husband.

“Victor, did you affix that lightening rod to the roof of my she-shed like you said you would?” she asked sharply. “There’s a storm coming.”

Uh-oh. Although Victor attached the rod, he’d forgotten to run it’s copper wire to the conductive grid buried beneath the ground. He was fairly certain he’d left the coiled wire on the roof of Sheryl’s she-shed. He sidestepped her question and simply responded, “Sheryl, you’re she-shed will be fine. The chances of lighting hitting your she-shed are one in a gazillion.”

“So, it’s possible then,” she surmised in a worried tone. There was only a brief moment of silence.

“Victor, did you have Zachary ad my she-shed to our polices? Is my she-shed insured?”

You’re she-shed’s insured, Sheryl. Just take a deep breathe and relax. Nothing’s going to happen to your she-shed.” He decided to pay her a complement to take her mind off the storm that was now bearing down on them. “Sheryl, that’s a lovely sweater your wearing. It certainly looks better then the one you wore yesterday.”

“The one I wore yesterday, Victor,  was a birthday gift from you last year. Remember? I asked for shutters for my she-shed and you gave me a sweater.”

“Oh,” he sheepishly replied.

Within minutes the storm’s full furry was upon them.

A bright light flashed sharply outside the living room window; it was immediately followed by a thunderous roar that caused the house to shake. The eclectic went out. Both Sheryl and Victor stopped pedaling.

“My she-shed!” Sheryl squealed. She hoped from the bike and ran though the house to the back door to check on her she-shed. There, she saw a small stream of smoke trailing upward from the roof of her she-shed, giving the appearance that an inside dweller had built a cozy fire in the fireplace — accept that her she-shed had no fireplace! And the steady stream of smoke was quickly tuning into bright-orange flames!

“My she-shed,” Sheryl sighed outwardly. But inwardly she was already planning the rebuild of an even more chichi-er she-shed with the insurance money…


Thanks for playing along! Don’t forget to add any snarky/serious/humorous/argumentative comments below. We enjoy reading them!






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