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Can You Come Out Tonight?

Posted by Phil Jamieson   Sep 15, 2021 10:30:00 AM

Wine glassOn this day in 1962, the Four Seasons earned their first No. 1 hit with “Sherry.” Frankie Valli had been hard at work trying to become a star for the better part of a decade before the Four Seasons achieved their breakthrough. They had come together as a group in several stages over the previous four years, changing their name in 1961 from the Four Lovers after failing an audition at a New Jersey bowling alley called The Four Seasons. It was keyboard player Bob Gaudio who wrote the song that would launch the group’s career.

Speaking of Sherry, let’s elaborate into the theme of alcohol, for better or for worse. Take your best shot at today’s quiz. Don’t cry, unless you’re a big girl (or boy).



How did you score?

# Correct Your Rating
All 10 My Eyes Adored You (Still)
8 to 9 You're Working Your Way Back
6 to 7 Oh, What a Score
4-5 Let's Hang On
1-3 Dawn (Go Away)
0 Rag Doll



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