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Mountaineering Terms

Posted by Conni Eversull   Jan 29, 2014 6:30:00 AM

skierI recently discovered a new show on the National Geographic channel called Ultimate Survival Alaska.  Are you a fan? If not, I highly recommend it; the scenery is great and the adventures and challenges are amazing to watch.

I watched the latest episode last night and heard terms I wasn't familiar with. So I found this particular vocabulary test interesting. Can't wait to see if I hear more of these terms as the show progresses. I hope so! At least then I'll know what they mean. 

How about you? Do you know the correct definition of each term?

1. alpenglow: (a) a skier's cocktail of rum, tonic water, and cranberry juice; (b) the vapors seen rising from subliming snow when the air temperature rises above the freezing point; (c) a reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains; (d) Steamboat Springs' most popular bar.

2. alpenstock: (a) a long iron-pointed staff used in mountain climbing; (b) hardy mountain folk; (c) a leather binding for a ski; (d) drifting, windblown snow.

3. carabiner: (a) a firearm carried by a mountaineer; (b) an oblong metal ring with one spring-hinged side that is used especially in mountain climbing as a connector and to hold a freely running rope; (c) a sharp-crested ridge in rugged mountains; (d) the securing of a person or a safety rope to an anchor point (as during mountain climbing).

4. deadman: (a) an anchor (as a metal plate) buried in snow and used (as in mountain climbing) to secure a rope; (b) the last, usually heaviest, man tied to a rope connecting a group of climbers; (c) an isolated hill or mountain with steep or precipitous sides; (d) a combination pick and adze with a spiked handle that is used in mountain climbing.

5. funicular: (a) peculiar; (b) a warm dry wind blowing down the side of a mountain; (c) a cable railway ascending a mountain; especially, one in which an ascending car counterbalances a descending car; (d) a mountain that is at least 14,000 feet high.

6. oregeny: (a) the Japanese art or process of folding squares of paper into shapes of mountains, especially mountains in Pennsylvania; (b) a small steep-banked mountain lake or pool; (c) original; (d) the process of mountain formation especially by folding of the earth's crust.

7. intermontane: (a) situated between mountains; (b) situated within a mountain; (c) situated with a mountain view; (d) Aspen's most popular watering hole.

8. shieling: (a) a baby mountain goat; (b) a mountain hut used as a shelter by shepherds; (c) a rounded usually isolated hill or mountain; (d) rookie.

9. chinook: (a) capped: a member of an American Indian people of the north shore of the Columbia River at its mouth; (b) a warm moist southwest wind of the coast from Oregon northward; (c) a warm dry wind that descends the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains; (d) all the above.

10. ibex: (a) mascot of the Colorado School of Mines; (b) any of several wild goats living chiefly in high mountain areas of the Old World and having large recurved horns transversely ridged in front; (c) mascot of Colorado State University; (d) mascot of the United States Air Force Academy.

Go here to see how you did.

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