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How to Improve Your Writing for Free

Posted by Sara Richmond   Jul 27, 2023 7:00:00 AM

PRN_Blogpost_07272023_adobe_expressAt, we give away our secrets. All the juicy goodness of how to be a great writer — expressing exactly what you want to in powerful, precise, as-close-to-perfect-as-possible language.

We also earn our keep with these secrets, by proofreading and copyediting business documents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (and one extra in leap years).

On the surface, that sounds like a pretty dumb business model. Giving away our service, in a sense.

Aren’t we undermining profits? Putting ourselves out of work? Making ourselves obsolete, especially in the age of generative AI?

Not likely. Even the best writers use editors. In fact, the best writers are often the best writers because they understand that writing is an incremental, innately human, nuanced process of refinement, one that, if you’re serious about it, could last forever. But nobody has forever. So we’re bound to be around for a long time, helping time-strapped businesses that have a lot to say.

Still, our belief in our longevity doesn’t explain our primary motivations for helping people become better writers.

Why We Give Away Our Secrets

We believe communication is a human right. Empowering people to do so effectively is the best, most compassionate legacy we could ever leave.

We also love helping people. We love language. What better way to marry the two?

Finally, the more value we provide, the more valuable we believe we become. The best way to stand out from a crowd of businesses that only exist for their short-term bottom line — to use and squeeze people for cash — is to do the opposite.

So here we are. And here you are: ready for the good stuff.

6 Ways to Learn the Secrets to Great Writing for Free

We’ve created a wonderland of free writing resources (aka, the good stuff) on our website. Here are the top-six ways to get our worst-kept secrets:

1. Download our free whitepapers and e-books as many times as you want.

2. Ask a writing/grammar-related question that’s been driving you crazy. We may even feature your question in a future blog post.

3. Search our blog posts for specific writing/grammar topics that confuse the heck out of you.

4. Practice with our fun vocabulary and word quizzes.

-Start with our most recent spelling quiz.
-Scroll through our Words! Words! Words! blog for more.
-Use the “Search Our Blog” tool on the right-hand side of each blog page to find more vocabulary and word quizzes that tickle your fancy.

5. Add your name to our email list using the super-short subscription form. We regularly publish more helpful resources, and our email list is the best way to be notified when they go live. We will NEVER sell your email, and we won’t spam you with unnecessary messages.

6. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so you don’t miss a (free) thing.

From Frank Sinatra to Janet Jackson, we’ve been told “the best things in life are free.” This six-part list might just be the evidence to confirm that saying. Or maybe we’re exaggerating. Regardless, we wrote a free resource on that too.

Thanks for reading.



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