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The Business Value of Hiring a 24/7 Proofreading Service

Posted by Conni Eversull   Jul 26, 2018 7:30:00 AM

proofreading Regardless of your professional experience and educational background, it’s important to rely on proofreaders to help you fine-tune your written work. Whether you need them to proofread a detailed quarterly report or a simple business memo, their expertise and objective insights will always improve the quality of your writing.

Proofreaders are trained to catch even the smallest of errors in all types of writing. They can also help you grow your professional reputation and so much more. The business value of hiring and relying on a proofreading service that will help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, is even greater. Continue reading to learn more about the business value of hiring a 24/7 proofreader.

Convenience and Speed

With a 24/7 proofreading service, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for a review of your important documents that have a tight turnaround.

It would be nice to always have multiple weeks to review important memos and reports before sharing them with others, but this is hardly ever the case. Instead of waiting around to receive feedback on your writing or, worse, submitting an error-filled document to your business network, you can conveniently submit a document to a 24/7 proofreading service for a quick review (sometimes within an hour) at any time of the day.

Global Reach and Expertise

Because many 24/7 proofreading services are based online, they have professional networks that extend beyond their headquarters’ physical locations. They have experienced proofreaders available across the globe who speak different languages, who have encountered different cultures, and who have dealt with a variety of documents and writing styles throughout their careers. So, regardless of the type of document you’ve written, you’ll have access to a proofreader who understands your specific needs.

Lower Overhead Costs and Higher Productivity Rates

When you outsource to a 24/7 proofreading service, your organization won’t need to hire an employee to proofread important documents. This can significantly lower overhead costs for your business.

Many writers share documents with their colleagues to get a second opinion. But they should never have to ask a fellow worker to spend time reviewing one of their documents the way a professional proofreader would.

With access to a 24/7 proofreading service, you’ll see your productivity rates increase and turnaround times decrease because you won’t have to rely on your colleagues—who already have their own workloads and responsibilities—to review your work.

Heightened Capacity for Creativity and Other Work

Hiring a 24/7 proofreading service will give you more time to work on your projects and will allow you to produce more creative ideas and strategies. For instance, if you don’t have to constantly worry about dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, you’ll have more time to research your next development project, to think of clever ideas for your next marketing campaign, to network with your partners and affiliates, etc.

Access to Professional and Highly Specialized Knowledge

A 24/7 proofreading service is fast and efficient because it relies on highly trained professionals with specialized knowledge and expertise. Because they have extensive global networks, 24/7 proofreading services employ proofreaders from a multitude of fields. Whether you need a proofreader who understands the legal field, the medical field, or some other field, you’ll have access to proofreaders who are knowledgeable in the requirements and limitations of your field.

Consistency and Accuracy for Your Brand

When you rely on a 24/7 proofreading service, you’ll notice that the accuracy and integrity of your writing will significantly increase. All language and key phrases that are commonly used throughout your industry, or that are new to your industry, will be used consistently and accurately in your writing. Your brand will begin to display a consistent message and voice across all publications distributed to your network. This will strengthen your brand’s overall effectiveness and success.

Improved Online Reputation and Trust

Once your brand’s voice is consistent across different media outlets, over time it will become a reliable resource in your industry. Specifically, by using a professional 24/7 proofreading service, you begin to build your brand’s reputation as a trusted resource for accurate information, because your writing will be clear, free of errors, and consistent. Other professionals and businesses will begin to rely on you and your brand when conducting research, creating competitive ideas, publishing articles, etc.

Without a doubt, hiring a 24/7 proofreading service will save you time and money, and will ensure your positive reputation across any industry.

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