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How Good Are You at Conjugating Verbs?

Posted by Kelly Creighton   Oct 5, 2017 7:30:00 AM

Take This Quiz to Find Out

quiz-2058888_640.pngVerb conjugation refers to how a verb changes from one form to another in order to show a different person, tense, number, aspect, or mood. Verbs are critical to understanding what and when something is happening to or via a subject or object in a sentence. It’s vital to know what’s happening in a sentence. And it’s just as important to know who is doing what when we’re communicating, as well as when they’re doing it, and how they’re doing it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with one another very efficiently.


Before you take the quiz below, here’s a quick refresher on what to consider when conjugating verbs.

When we communicate, we indicate who is doing what by indicating the person and number of a verb. Do you remember seeing this chart of the irregular verb “to be” in grammar school?

First Person Singular

Second Person Singular

Third Person Singular

I am

you are

he/she/it is

First Person Plural

Second Person Plural

Third Person Plural

we are

you are

they are


When we’re trying to indicate when something is happening, we indicate the tense of the verb. Here are the tenses of the verb “sort”:

Simple Present

Simple Past

Simple Future



will sort

Present Continuous

Past Continuous

Future Continuous

am sorting

was sorting

will be sorting

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Future Perfect

have sorted

had sorted

will have sorted

Present Perfect Continuous

Past Perfect Continuous

Future Perfect Continuous

have been sorting

had been sorting

will have been sorting


It’s probably been a while since you’ve seen charts like those. But now that you’ve had a quick refresher, take this quiz to see how adept you are at conjugating verbs. In each question, please select the phrase that correctly completes the sentence. In some instances, there are two phrases needed to complete the sentence. 

You’ll get your results right away on the same screen, and the correct answers will be highlighted. Be sure to share your scores with everyone else in the comments below. No gloating (or snickering) allowed!



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