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Is Paying for Proofreading Worth It?

Posted by Sara Richmond   Sep 29, 2022 12:00:00 PM

The Cost of Professional B2B Proofreading

PRN_Blogpost_09292022If you’ve ever asked whether something was worth paying for, you were coming at the issue sideways. To start, if we assume the quality of a good or service is high (which can be a leap, we know), then the real question is what something—that clothes washer, house, landscaping, AC unit, oil change, electric toothbrush—is worth to you.

We assign value based on benefits, including the risks something enables us to avoid, the financial return, the ego boost, the time saved, the opportunities created, the nostalgia our purchase evokes…the list is endless.

It’s why people pay a load of cash for travel insurance, why so many scrambled to buy Beanie Babies, why middle-aged men buy tiny fast cars, why CEOs have virtual assistants, why digital marketing automation is booming, and why we bid on eBay for old cartoon-character lunchboxes.

For people like you, who are maybe looking into B2B proofreading for the first time and are hesitant to pay for it, there’s an understandable fear. You might be wondering if you can get away with low-quality, low-price proofreading. Or rely on Grammarly. Or just stick with spell-check.

We get it.

The Value of Proofreading

If you ride that question in a hot air balloon up to 10,000 feet, you’ll see that:

  1. Not all value can be measured in dollars and cents.
  2. Some value isn’t predictive but preventive (e.g., what would have happened if we hadn’t purchased such-and-such versus what we got because of our purchase).
  3. Because of #1 and #2, value is subjective.

So while professional proofreading, ProofreadNOW specifically, constantly saves people from embarrassment—a ding to their brand and credibility—there isn’t a clear dollar sign attached to that benefit.

While we help companies establish greater trust in their expertise and maintain their longevity as industry leaders, the value we provide is more like a vitamin that prevents disease versus a pharmaceutical to treat a progressing illness. We can’t tell you the sum of what we saved people, only that we did.

Our Answer

You can expect that after over 20 years of B2B proofreading, everyone at would answer your question with a loud “Yes!”

But we’ve seen (and fixed) major typos in huge publications with tens of thousands of readers. We’ve helped prevent millions of errors from going into print. We see the benefits daily because we’re creating them through diligent, hard work.

In other words: We’re extremely biased and not ashamed to own it.

Our Clients’ Answers

We’re also sure our loyal clients would answer “Is proofreading worth it?” by saying that quality proofreading is always worth it. Why are we so sure? Because they have. Directly to us and in reviews, a site to find companies you can trust.

In other words: Our clients are also biased and not ashamed to own it.

The Answer

We’ll answer your question with a question: What do you care about?

If you want a straightforward financial ROI, then it’s pretty hard to justify paying for a lot of things, including professional B2B proofreading.

However, if you value:

  • Pulling one big gnarly thing off your to-do list,
  • Never again feeling overwhelmed by grammar,
  • Eliminating embarrassing typos,
  • Getting peace of mind about everything you write,
  • Enlisting help when the words just won’t flow,
  • Focusing on your field of genius,
  • Saving time and energy,
  • Reducing frustration with the gaps and pitfalls of spell-check and other AI writing assistants,
  • Looking savvy to everyone who reads your writing,
  • Improving your writing without all the studying, googling, and confusion…

Then there’s a solid chance professional proofreading is a great choice for you and your company.

…So is paying for proofreading worth it?

Only you can answer that question.


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